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Updated April 15, 2017

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Beautiful wood canoes, Badger Paddles and other accessories listed on the Wooden Canoe page.

Frost River traditional waxed canvas packs - American made, exceptional quality.


Bird and Fish Decoys by Top Contemporary Decoy Artists in America.


Wm. Salter & Grandson Fly Fishing Shoulder Bag / Brief Case

Hand Made in Britain - Canvas and Leather - $195


The Tribute Reel

A Classic Reel made in Warwickshire, England

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Swift River Glass

A new generation of fiberglass fly rods has generated keen interest among experienced anglers and newcomers. Swift River has introduced a line of finely designed and crafted rods, built on fine fiberglass blanks. The Foothills series is moderately priced, yet fitted with top-end components, built with an eye toward quiet elegance.
The High Sierra series is built on custom blanks and finished with the finest classic, lightweight hardware.

2017 Sierras feature McFarland blanks with custom grips, components, and cosmetics on request. Rods are nearly weightless in the hand, yet highly responsive.

Most rods are three-piece to achieve the best balance of portability and action.

Foothills Model - Seven Foot, Three Piece, Medium Action

In stock rods are listed below.


Bamboo Rods in Stock as of 04/15/2017

New Rods Every Month


1) Swift River Swift: 6'8", 2/2, 3/4 weight, new. This Swift is based on the famed F. E. Thomas taper of the same length, regarded by many bamboo rod enthusiasts as the greatest casting three weight ever. It is a delightful rod with which to fish on small streams and in pocket water where precise placement of dry flies is critical. This particular model has an oxidized nickel silver, cap and ring reel seat with redwood spacer, a six inch cigar grip, oxidized hexagonal winding check and agate insert stripping guide. I have used size 11 CSE Super Swiss ferrules and light reverse twist snake guides. The wraps are translucent antigue gold with burgundy tipping. I especially appreciate this rod on spring creeks and mountain streams where delicate presentations are required. Paired with a four weight silk line it is an excellent roll caster but has an effective range of 45 feet in the hands of most casters. It comes with CSE rod bag and tube with brass end caps. $1275


2) Kosmic - Hal Bacon; 7', 2/2, 4 weight, new. This rod is one the the last rods Hal made before his passing a few years ago. He and two other rod makers teamed up to revive the circa 1900 Kosmic brand of Thomas, Edwards and Payne. The butt cap is stamped KOSMIC, the Kosmic Rod Co. I acquired the rod from George Guba, another restorationist, maker and friend of Hal's. This seven foot two piece rod has a crisp dry fly action. The cap and ring reel seat has a stabilized maple burl insert and a 5.25 inch cigar grip. The butt script reads 82907 and 704 - DF, indicating it is a seven foot dry fly rod for a 4 weight line. The tips both have the same 82907 serial number. The wraps are transluctent amber with some red trim. It has size 12 CSE SS nickel-silver ferrules, left bright. The bag is also from CSE with leather hanging tag. The rod is unfished and comes in a brushed aluminum tube with brass cap. The tip diameter is .065 inches below the tip tops. $1275



3) Leonard Catskill Model 38- H: 7', 2/2, 3/4 weight, very good plus, restored. This pre-fire Leonard is a beautiful, classic rod with red silk wraps. The wood insert on the reel seat appears to be maple, a bit unusual for Leonard. The reel seat is marked The Leonard Rod, H. L. Leonard Rod Co. Makers, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. The tiny ciger cork grip is 4 1/2 inches. It has a moderate gradual swell taper as it enters the grip. The wraps look to me to be redone, but very well so. The varnish is also new and the rod looks to be unfished after a restoration some years back. The cane has the Leonard 3/3 node pattern. The guides are the original reverse twist snakes with an agate insert stripper, indicating an early Leonard rod (late 20s or early 30s). The ferrule is size 9 and the diameter of the cane just below the tip tops is .065. The action is medium. It comes with the original tube (cap has crack but works) and bag with hanging tag that designates it as a 2 piece Catskill, 38- H at 2 7/8 ounces. One sweet rod. $1575



4) Edwards Bristol F-12: 7'6', 3/2, 4/5 weight, excellent, restored. This signed "Edwards Bristol" is in a rarely found configuration, a three piece, two tip rod at 7'6". The Bristol Rods that carried the Edwards (Gene) signature were always well-made and cosmetically superior. This rod has a down-locking reel seat seen often on late Edwards and Sons rods and the Bristol model F-18s. I replaced the moderate Wells grip with an exact hand-made replica. The script on the butt section reads Edwards Bristol, followed by the Bristol Built decal on one flat, and F-12 - 7 1/2' on the adjacent flat. It sports a strap and ring hook keeper and gold silk wraps with black trim throughout. It has a mildrum style stripping guide and oxidized nickel-silver ferrules in sizes 16 and 10, giving the rod a nice medium-fast action and good casting range. Every element of the rod is as new, all sections full length with no sets in the cane. It comes with the original rod bag that shows wear and a period correct tube that may be original to the rod but is unmarked. $795



5) Heddon for Lyon and Coulson, NY: 7'6", 2/2, Deluxe Model, 00 F, 3/4 weight, excellent, partially restored. This hard to find rod with a Heddon 00 ferrule (11/64) is the equivalent of the Heddon model 35, the Peerless. It has a downlocking reel seat with a walnut spacer and a slim 5 1/2 inch Wells grip in clean condition but with very slight ridging. The nicely swelled butt has a strap-and-ring hook keeper, with L&C Major Deluxe scripted on one flat and # 00 on another. The wraps are brown with no trim, one of the color choices available for these rods that were custom wrapped only after the order was placed. It has a diminutive stripping guide with agate insert. I believe the wraps and snake guides may be original to the rod but it has been given a light overcoat of varnish. The ferrules are finished with black lacquer and fit very well. The diameter of the tips below the tip top wrap is .065 suggesting excellent suitability as a dry fly rod. It comes with the original L&C rod bag and tube. $795



6) Swift River Salient: 7'6", 2/2, 4/5 weight, new. I have a new Salient on the bench for completion. This rod is from a blank I made back in 2008, the sibling of the rod shown below. It has dark flamed cane with lighter nodes and is made in the tradition of the Leonard Hunt rods. It has a size 13 CSE Leonard style ferrule and a 3/3 node pattern. The silks are translucent olive green trimmed with burgundy. The stripping guide has a lovely red agate insert. The oxidized NS slide-band reel seat has an oiled and varnished butternut insert to compliment the lighter nodes of the cane. I have fashioned a high-grade cork cigar grip dressed with an oxidized NS hexagonal winding check. I think these Salients are beautiful rods. They have a fine all-around, medium action of the sort that will make it a go-to rod for trout fishing. It will come with a CSE rod bag, black powder finished aluminum tube with brass caps, a hanging tag, and ferrule plug. $1275



7) L. L. Bean by Gene Edwards: 7'6", 2/2, 4/5 weight, excellent, original. Gene Edwards made Bamboo rods for L. L. Bean for several years after leaving the Bristol Rod Co. in the mid 1930s. This is clearly one of those rods and the taper and over all look remind me of some early Eustis Edwards rods. The black silk wraps with red trim compliment the rich brown color of the cane. The reel seat is down-locking with aluminum hardware and a black resin spacer with L. L. Bean Inc. / Freeport, ME stamped into the spacer. It has a nice, slim 6 inch fishtail grip that I have lightly cleaned to match the excelent condition of the rod. The butt has a slight swell as it enters the grip, an element that also reminds me of EWE's early tapers. It has a strap and ring hook keeper and a stripping guide with a red agatine insert. The size 13 ferrules are nicely machined in bright nickel-silver and fit very well. The varnish is very good but with some faint crazing. I will polish the rod lightly before shipping. I have replaced one snake guide on the butt section just below the ferrule. The rod is in fine fishing and cosmetic condition with the original rod tube and an okay vintage bag of unknown origin. This would be a great rod for anyone seeking a classic Edwards family rod at a quite decent price. Great too for its Maine and LL Bean connections. $795


8) Mark Ruhe: 7'6", 2/2, 4/5 weight, excellent, original. Mark is a talented builder from Spokane, Washington who for several years circa 2000 made about a dozen rods for Swift River Fly Fishing. I am very pleased to be able to offer this rod for sale as Mark stopped building rods about 12 years ago. Every rod is a fine casting instrument and finished to the highest of standards. This rod is beautifully made with a bright nickel-silver, cap and band reel seat with birdseye maple spacer. The excellent condition slim cigar grip is 6 inches, with a very nice NS winding check and a strap and ring hook keeper. The wraps are translucent gold with black at the ferrules over nicely flammed, darker cane. The stripper is a mildrum style and the snakes stainless steel. The size 15 oxidized ferrules make this a strong little rod that can throw a five weight line with authority. I believe it is one of his Garrison taper rods. The action is medium-fast for cane and it seems to be an excellent all-around rod for small and mid size waters. The rod is in excellent condition with the original bag and tube. This rod would be a fine choice for any one who wanted a very well-made cane rod to fish often. $975



9) Gene Edwards Rainbow # 62: 7'6", 2/2, 4 weight, excellent, original. This early Gene Edwards Autographed fly rod is labeled the Rainbow # 62 in white ink on the butt. It is a very sweet light line rod in excellent original condition. It has a down-locking reel seat with what appears to be a walnut spacer and a slim seven inch full Wells grip that is clean but with very slight ridging. The u shaped hook keeper is wrapped with black thread and gold trim and the guides and ferrules are wrapped in the same color scheme. It has a mildrum style stripping guide and bright nickel-silver ferrules in size 12. The cane is an evenly flamed medium brown and the butt has a gentle swell just before it enters the grip. The tips measure .070 inches below the tip tops and I would describe the action as medium, tending toward fast. It comes complete with the original labeled Gene Edward Autographed rod bag and the original tube. The tube retains a full description of the rod as placed there by Jim Adams, a California rod dealer, who sold it to the previous owner about 20 years ago. For those collecting Edwards family rods this is a rare find and an excellent all-around trout rod for small and mid sized streams. $975



10) Charles Daly Parataper # 90: 7'10", 2/2, 5 weight, excellent, partially restored. Both Gene Edwards and Heddon were known to have made rods for Charles Daly. I believe this to be an Edwards rod based of the reel seat and other characteristics. It has an oxidized cap and band reel seat with a cork spacer and a clean six-inch cigar grip with a black bakelite winding check. The strap and ring hook keeper is wrapped with black silk thread. The butt is scripted - Charles Daly "Para-Taper" / Registration # 90 - on two flats, in black ink, similar to the rods Edwards made for A&F. It has a mildrum style stripping guide and snake guides wrapped in translucent gold silk. The size 14 ferrules are oxidized and wrapped with black silk. The butt and one tip are original to the rod but the second full length tip is an exact replacement made by Dave LeClaire. It has the original ferrule from the second original tip. The second original tip is included as well but it is broken 10 inches from the top. It is entirely suitable for a scarf joint to restore it to fell length and keep as a third tip just in case. It has a rod tube in a style frequently used by Edwards and a brown cloth rod bag also consistent with Edwards products. In more than 20 years of selling cane rods this is only the second I have seen of the Para-Tapers. It is an excellent all around trout rod with a semi-parabolic action in that the middle is fairly stiff with most of the action in the mid butt and mid tip sections. Over-all I would describe it as medium fast. It is a great casting rod. $795


11) F. E. Thomas Dirigo: 8', 3/2, 4 weight, excellent, original. This circa 1915 Dirigo with full intermediate wraps is a special rod for several reasons. First is its excellent condition, rarely seen with 100 year old rods. The original wraps and varnish are nearly perfect. It is also a light line rod with a classic medium action, very much in the spirit of the light Leonard Catskills of the same period. It has size 15 and 10 nickel-silver ferrules and the tips measure only .065 inches below the tip top. While it comes from a time before F. E. Thomas began to designate dry fly models there can be little doubt that it was designed for that purpose. Eight foot rods accounted for less than 5% of the FE Thomas output prior to 1920. The cedar cap and ring reel seat shows some slight wear and the 4 3/4 inch cigar grip is in excellent condition and has been cleaned to remove moderate soiling. It has an FET Dirigo grade nickel-silver winding check and the butt section has a slight swell as it enters the grip and a signature wrap with eight evenly spaced decorative wraps. The wraps are dark red and the butt has a single reverse-twist snake guide rather than a stripping guide. The ferrules fit well and I have lightly polished them to restore their original luster. The mid section has 4 snake guides and each tip has 5 snakes. It weighs just a bit over 3 ounces and comes with an original F. E. Thomas Special grade rod tube with a Thomas Rod Co. shield decal and original rod bag, but those are newer than the rod and replaced the original canvas bag and tip tube. $1395



12) F. E. Thomas Special: 8', 2/2, 5 weight, very good, mostly original. This F. E. Thomas Special is indeed that. It has an downlocking, Hardy-style reel seat with a cedar spacer, a substantial six inch cigar grip in clean, excellent condition, and a FET winding check with integrated hook keeper. It has a nicely swelled butt for added backbone. The rod is all original except that the previous owner, a well-known restorationist, polished the rod and gave it a light over coat of varnish. It has a 3-2-3-2-3 signature wrap. All the wraps are in dark brown silk, typical of the later Specials and Brown Tones. The stripping guide is an oxidized all metal mildrum style. The snake guides are tungsten steel, reverse twist, original to the rod. The cane is a light honey brown. The size 13 ferrules are bright nickel silver and fit well. It is a nice medium action rod and the diameter of the cane before the tip tops is .060. I believe this to be a medium action dry fly taper, but the hanging tag is missing. The serial # is H 38. It comes with the original bag and brass capped Special rod tube with a Thomas Rod shield that is about 95% present. A small former owner's label on the tube shows that it was a Maine rod most of its life. It may well be one of the sweetest rods you will ever cast. Unfortunately one tip is 1/2 inch short. $1395



13) Amherst Fishing Rod Company - The Amherst: 8', 3/2, 4/5 weight, very good, original. The Amherst is the highest grade of the five models made by AFRCo. This rod shows the characteristic features of the high grade Amherst models and has the serial number 142 scripted on the butt below the stripping guide. It has a down-locking aluminum reel seat with a walnut spacer and a seven inch fish-tail grip constructed of 1/4 inch cork rings, an elegant custom old-time feature. The size 16 and 10 nickel-silver ferrules are also of a higher quailty than most AFRCo rods, with machined, soldered welts on the females for extra strength. The guide and ferrule wraps are light red, with three small decorative wraps in red, and green trimming on each guide and ferrule wrap, making a very attractive rod. There are some additional decorative wraps on the butt section. I have left the wraps original but with an additional coat of varnish to protect them from fraying. I have replaced the decorative wrap just ahead of the grip and hook keeper. Otherwise the rod is original with no flaws. It does show some wear but much less so than most sixty year old rods. It come with the original bag and marked AFRCo rod tube. It has a pleasing medium action and is in fine fishing condition. This is a fine example of the very best AFRCo rods. $585


14) H. R. Sedgwick: 8', 3/2, 5/6 weight, very good, restored. Sedgwick was a highly respected early 20th century Hartford, Connecticut rod maker (1920s) whose rods rarely come to market due to scarcity. His work is often compared to that of Ed and Jim Payne, though many or his rods were finished with very ornate wraps. This rod appears to be restored to original condition and shows a more conservative wrap scheme, much like Payne or F. E. Thomas rods of the same period. The wraps are a medium brown and the cane a light honey brown. The reel seat is a cap and band style with a tiger maple spacer. The butt cap has the H. R. Sedgwick, maker stamp. The 5 1/4 inch cigar grip is clean but shows minor ridging. The ferrules are size 15 and 10 and fit well. The snakes guides are modern replacements. It has a medium action but I suspect it was designed as an early dry fly model. I rate the restoration as very good rather than excellent due to the replacement guides and very good but not excellent varnish work. It is a rare rod from a maker with excellent credentials. I believe the rod tube to be original and while the bag is similar to those on other Sedgwick rods the excellent condition indicates to me that is is a modern replacement. $990



15) Granger Victory 8040 : 8' , 4/5 weight, excellent, original. This widely-admired 8040 Granger taper is finished as a Victory and is in excellent, all-original condition. It has brown jasper wraps with black trim, very nicely executed, and all original guides. The original varnish is equally excellent. The ferrule fit is tight, suggesting that the rod has seen only moderate use since made in the mid 1930s. The half-Wells grip is moderately soiled and shows some minor ridging. It has an internal, up-locking reel seat. The cane is a even, dark brown. This taper makes an excellent all-around trout rod and most casters come quickly to admire its moderate casting stroke with enough muscle to cut through the frequent winds in the Rockies. The tube unfortunately does not appear to be original but the rod bag is. $875



16) Heddon Model 20, Bill Stanley's Favorite: 8', 3/2, 1 3/4 F, 4/5 weight, excellent, restored. This is a very fine all around trout rod, bench made by a single Heddon rod maker. It has the Model 20 red-marbled tenite spacer with black cap and downlocking washer. The grip is a slim, 5 3/4 inch half-Wells that is clean but shows slight ridging. It has a strap and ring hook keeper and the butt is scripted with - Bill Stanley's Favorite / Heddon / #20 - 8' - 1 3/4 F - HDG or C - along three flats. The silks are maroon with gold trim and the stripping guide is a blackened mildrum style. The ferrules show only a few minor scratches to the black lacquer and those have been given a new coat of varnish, as has the rest of the rod. The varnish is very good and I do not think the rod has been fished since the restoration. The action is fast, but not overly so. It has the original, correctly labled rod bag and the original maroon rod tube but without a Heddon lable. $795



17) Goodwin Granger Special 8040: 8', 3/2, 4/5 weight, excellent, restored. The Granger 8040 taper is considered one of the greatest classic tapers ever, a favorite among Rocky Mountain and West Coast anglers. The restoration is very well done with gold silk thread to mimic the aged Granger green color. It has a typical Granger stripper, black guides and newer tip-tops with a nicely executed varnish finish. Smooth and tight-fitting, drawn N/S ferrules give a nice pop when separated, but I have reset the butt ferrule which was a bit loose on the cane. It is fitted with a comfortable cigar grip, an internal screw, uplocking metal reel seat in perfect working condition, a clearly struck Goodwin stamp and an exposed WC. The rod comes with a replacement bag and tube. It has that wonderfully smooth medium action for which this taper is so well known. $875



18) F. E. Thomas Dirigo: 8'6", 3/2, 5 weight, excellent, original. This all original Dirigo is in excellent condition, the only up-date being a light polishing of the varnish to remove some minor bag rash. It has a downlocking, Hardy style reel seat with a black resin spacer. The butt cap is stamped Dirigo / F.E. Thomas / Bangor, ME. The grip is a 5 1/2 inch cigar shape with minor soiling. The rod is wrapped in the classic burgundy silk seen on many Dirigo models. It has a mildrum style stripping guide and reverse-twist tungsten snake guides. The ferrule fit is very good and I would describe the action as medium. The tips however are very fine, measuring just .065 inches below the tip top, indicating it is one of FET's dry fly tapers. It is a fine example of one of the classic rods of the 1940s and 50s. It comes complete with the original bag and hanging tag and the original rod tube with a very well preserved Thomas Rod shield. $875



19) Edwards Quadrate Model 35: 8'6", 3/2, 6 weight, excellent, original. This all original Willam Edwards Quadrate is in excellent condition with a black tenite reel seat, light coffee-brown silk wraps and bright nickel silver ferrules. These early Quadrate rods have been very hard to acquire in the past few years so I am delighted to have this one in inventory. It has a medium-fast action and feels as if a six weight line will be the way to go. The cork fish-tail grip shows almost no wear and the varnish is very good to excellent with no appreciable wear or scars. The ferrule fit is tight and the wraps are all excellent with a good protective covering of varnish. Like all Quadrates it is a powerful rod that will cast a long, straight line without the torque that often pulls hex rods to one side or the other. The rod bag is a good quality replacement but the rod tube does appear to be original, sans label. If you are in the market for an original Quadrate this rod will not disappoint. $875



20) Leonard 50 1/2: 8'6", 3/2, 4/5 weight, very good, original. This highly desirable early Leonard rod is in great condition. It was purchased from Marty Keene many years back and has been in my collection. It has a Leonard stamped butt cap with a cap and ring reel seat and chestnut spacer. The cork grip is 5 1/8 inches and though slightly soiled I am happy to clean it for the new buyer before shipping. It has a strap and ring hook keeper and olive wraps (actually Elephant Brand mustard) with pale red trim. The varnish has been polished but shows a few minor cosmetic blemishes. The snakes guides are reverse twist suggesting a late 1920s to 30s rod. The ferrules are size 16 and 10 and the tip tops have agate inserts. This taper has a very pleasant medium action, for which it is highly valued for its long-range dry fly action. I believe the rod to be all original except for the newly polished varnish. It comes with the original bag and rod tube, but the cap is missing. A fine rod for Leonard fans and a great rod to fish. $975



21) Edwards Special: 8'6", 3/2, very good, partially restored. This EW Edwards Sons stamped rod was made circa 1932 a year or so after the passing of Eustis Edwards, when Bill and Gene worked together to finish out rods from the stock left duirng the Edwards and Sons period. As such it is an exceptionally well made rod, representing the best of the Edwards family. It has a down-locking reel seat with a black tenite locking nut and a nickel-silver butt cap with EW Edwards Sons / Makers / Bristol Conn stamped in three lines. It has a strap and ring hook keeper wrapped with medium brown thread. Edwards "Special" is scripted on the butt. It has an agate insert stripping guide and bright nickel-silver ferrules of the double shouldered type the Edwards clan used at that time. The mid has four snakes guides and each tip has five snakes, all original to the rod. The only issue is that one tip had to be stripped, re-wrapped and revarnished as it had some serious varnish melt-down. I am currently redoing that tip and the rod will be available to ship in mid April. It has a classic medium action and is an exceptional all-around trout rod. The bag and tube appear to be original to the rod. $795


22) Cross Doublebuilt - Southbend: 8'6", 3/3, 5 weight (HGH) , good, original. This is a very nice Cross Doublebuilt model 166 made by Wes Jordan for South Bend, with a Dewey's Sport Shop decal on the butt section. It has an up-locking reel seat with an internal screw locking mechanism and a black resin spacer. The moderate half-Wells grip is 7 inches and shows minor soiling. It has a strap and ring hook keeper with the strap wrapped in black silk thread, and a small black and gold decorative wrap. South Bend / Cross Doublebuilt / Model 166 - 8 1/2 ft. / HEH or H is scripted on four flats on the butt section. The serial number 0473597 in inscribed on the butt just below the mildrum style stripping guide. The size 16 and 11 bright nickel-silver ferrules fit well. The mid has four and the tips have 5 snake guides wrapped with black silk with gold trim. It is designed as an all-around trout rod and has a nice medium action. Some the the black guide wraps are faded but in otherwise fine condition. One tip is 3.5 inches short but I am including in the sale another South Bend tip of the same taper. You can fish that other tip as is or move the ferrule from the shorter tip and refinish the new tip to look like the original. I am happy to do that for $95 if the buyer wishes. It is a nice mid-quality rod from an esteeemed rod maker. The well worn bag may be original to the rod but the tube is from Heddon and missing the cap. $450


23) F. E. Thomas Dirigo: 9', 3/2, 4 weight, very good, restored. This rod was restored by George Maurer in the 1990s and unfished since that time. It is an early rod (1920s) with red silks and full intermediate wraps. The 5.5 inch cigar girp is clean but shows minor ridging. The reel seat is all nickel silver with slide band and butt cap marked on the end with four concentric circles. The rod comes in a canvas sack with a bamboo tip tube (cap missing). The action is slow, intended for wet flies and nymphs. It is a fine, early classic trout rod. The bright nickel silver ferrules are sizes 15 and 10. The snake guides are repacements. A fine fishing rod and piece of Thomas history. $675



24) Edwards Quadrate: 9', 3/2, 6 weight, excellent, restored. This is a rod with an interesting history. I first bought it in the late 1990s at Lang's Auction. Later that day Sam Carlson verified that it was a rod he had restored and pointed to the hook keeper and other features that allowed him to identify the rod. I fished the rod for a couple of years and sold it to George Black, the author of Casting a Spell. He mentions the rod twice in that book, on pages 107 and 185. A year or so later he sold the rod back to me and a couple years later I sold it again as I was not using it very often. But I fished this rod for landlocks in Maine, stripped bass on the Massachusetts North Shore, salmon and pike in northern Russia, and cutthroats in Yellowstone National Park. While it is a big stick it has a very mellow, medium action, slower than most Edwards Quadrates. It has the only maroon colored bakelite reel seat with white butt cap and squared maroon winding check I have ever seen on a Quadrate. It has one of Sam's hook keepers and brown/burgundy wraps that are close to the Maroon reel seat in color. The grip is in very good, clean condition but you can see an area where Sam filled in some hook digs in the cork. The ferrules are oxidized and the varnish is nearly perfect. While I am again reluctant to part with the rod, I just have too many to imaging fishing it as often as it deserves. It's only flaw is that Sam removed the signature on the butt of the rod saying that at the time the signature seemed unnecessary as only Edwards made Quads. It comes with the original rod bag and labeled rod tube. $875



25) Heddon Model 50, Presidential: 9', 3/2, 2 F, 6 weight, partially restored. This stunningly beautiful rod is among the best Heddon ever made. The cane is a rich, lightly-grained brown and the guides are wrapped with antique gold silk thread with green trim. The reel seat is an elegant down-locking style made of highly polished silver (chrome?) with circassian walnut and black tenite. It has a seven inch cigar grip that is clean and smooth with a black tenite winding check and a strap and ring hook keeper. Heddon / Deluxe / President is scripted on three flats and # 50 - 9 - 2 F - HDH or C is scripted on a fourth. The ferrules are blackened and fit well and the action is medium. The rod has been given a light refresher coat of varnish that remains in excellent condition. I see this as a big fish / big river / lake or canoe rod capable of handling anything from small drys to big streamers, and great for landlocks, steelhead, grilse, and big browns in both fresh and tidal waters. It comes with the original bag with correct tag and a gold Heddon rod tube. $795


Rod Under Restoration - Inquiries Welcome:

8', 3/2, Heddon Black Beauty, 1 3/4 F; 4/5 weight

8', 3/2 Gene Edwards for L&C, 4/5 weight;

8'6", 3/2, F.E. Thomas Dirigo, 5 weight



Starter Cane - Wounded Rods from Respected Makers

This selection of rods have been restored with original parts but may have only a single or repaired tip, a short mid, or some other damage that cannot be entirely corrected. But they are great fishing rods and offer a chance to fish a very fine rod a lower cost. Collectors will generally pass them by. But repaired F. E. Thomas, Leonard, or Edwards rods are still poetry in motion.

Pictures on request


SC1) Phillipson (?) - 7'6", 2/1, 4 weight, very good, original. I am not sure of the origin of this rod, but the blank was made with black resorcinol glue, suggesting Phillipson as a likely source. It is a well made rod , slow and full flexing, with burnt orange wraps and black trim. It has a mildrum style stripping guide and stainless steel snakes. The downlocking reel seat has black anodized aluminum hardware. The grip is a full Wells with a nicely turned walnut cap that serves as a winding check. It has a size 14 Super Swiss NS ferrule that fits snugly. It will serve well for nymphs, wet flies and small streamers. $150

SC2) Barney & Berry (Winchester) - 9', 3/2, 5 weight, good, original. This is a 1920s rod made by Winchester for Barney & Berry. The mid is four inches short but the butt and tips are full length. The shorter mid speeds up the action and gives it a more modern casting feel. The Edwards design features are very much in evidence with a downlocking reel seat with maple spacer and a five inch cigar grip. The wraps are gold with black trim and the rod has full intermediates. The snake guides are vintage oblique angle of Edwards design. The cane is deep brown. I have redone the wrap on the mid at the female ferrule and except for a possible light polishing the rod is in great shape and ready to fish. It comes with the original rod bag and tube. $150



Bamboo Culms

Six foot, select tonkin bamboo culms from a shipment shared several years back with Marc Aroner and Per Brandin. The bamboo has been carefully stored in dry conditions for nearly 10 years and is well seasoned. Many have been split the length of the culm with a single check to prevent multiple checks as they dry. I have more than I need. I do not ship culms, so interested buyers are welcome to come inspect and select those they prefer, as the wall thickness varies from culm to culm. There are 25 available: $36 for one, discout on multiples - pick up only



Swift River Glass

SRG 1) Swift River Foothills - 7', 3 piece, 4 weight, new. This new rod is fitted with an all-cork, slide band reel seat with black anodized aluminum hardware. It has a slim 5 1/2 inch hand turned torpedo grip, black rubber winding check, and bronzed strap and ring hook keeper. The stripping guide has a gold anodized frame with black ceramic insert. The snakes are black wire Snake Brand guides wrapped onto the rod with dark brown vintage Edwards silks. The tip top is gold anodized to match the stripping guide. It has a very pleasant and forgiving medium action and will serve well as an all-around small stream rod. New bag and tube included. $325



SRG 2) Swift River High Sierra - 7'6", 3 piece, 4/5 weight, new. This amber Mike McFarland glass blank has been built-out with fine components. The cap and slide-band reel seat is of oxidized nickel-silver. A nicely knurled, oxidized NS band separates the polished buckeye burl insert and the six inch torpeto shaped cigar grip. It has a black hard-rubber winding check and a black U shaped hook keeper. The guides are wrapped with a rich burgundy, antique (Belding) silk thread. It has a mildrum style stripping guide and black snake guides and tip top. The wraps are finished with four coats of thin tung-based varnish. It has two decorative wraps on the butt section at 12 and 15 inches from the end of the rod to allow quick estimation of fish size. The action on this rod is fast and it will make an excellent rod for mountain streams and spring creeks where quick line pick up and quick casts are important. It comes with a new brushed aluminum rod tube with gold anodized cap as well as rod bag. $445




See Terms and Conditions of Sale at bottom of page. Rod prices are not generally subject to negotiation.


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The Tribute


Designed, engineered and assembled in Warwickshire, England, by reelmasters Garry and James Mills.

The "Tribute" echoes the quality and tradition of the best reels of the last century, machined from solid aircraft grade aluminium into a strong, light cage structure with stainless steel spindle.

The mid arbour, wide drum 3 3/16" spool has an exposed rim for palm braking, magnesium bronze bushings for long life, and a "Salter" shaped handle in a hard wearing faux horn material.

The protective hard anodised finish is best described as "full colour graphite", with contrasts in solid naval brass. A strong suede pouch from Oldham is included.

As with previous Wm. Salter & Grandson reels, it is reversible for left or right hand wind, and the twin pawl drag system is fully adjustable.

The "Tribute" weighs 4.9oz and will take a WF5F line with 100 yds. backing.

$395 - Free Shipping


1) Pflueger Hawkeye 60: This lovely early 1900s trout reel has a nickel-silver frame and hard rubber sides in excelent condition. It has a strong click drag with a well=working on/off button. The counter-balanced handle has a black resin grip. It appears to be all-original and in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. It comes with a 4 weight, 15 meter, Thibault silk line that has been used lightly and is ready to fish, and a light brown, suede reel case. $375
2) Pflueger Medalist 1492 DA with extra spool; unused. This 1966 to 1972 affordable American classic is in unused condition. It has a dual click and pawl drag and a square diamolite line guard. It is a right-hand-wind reel with a white handle. $125
3) Meek 55, made for Abercrombie and Fitch, Co. New York. Very nice 3 1/16 inch, Uniqua style reel made in Bristol, CT by Horton Mfg. Very good cosmetic and mechanical condition with small rub on reel face from spool latch. Use either left or right hand wind. Currently set for left hand wind and loaded with good condition, vintage 4 wt. line. $225
4) Martin Model MG-7LS. A 3 3/8 inch reel in unused condition with extra spool. Adjustable drag knob, exposed rim for added control, line guards for both left and right hand wind. Suitable for 5 to 7 weight lines. $90
5) Lampson 1.5 - These small Lamsons are really fine reels, especially for the price. They are easily reversible and have a fully adjustable drag. I like the 1.5 for four and five weight lines. This reel is set up for right hand wind and has a quite serviceable white WF fly line, probably a five weight. $150



Royal Wulff Bamboo Fly Lines - $78

Sizes 3 to 6 in stock

The Best Fly Lines after Silk for Bambbo Rods

Free Shipping




Terenzio Natural Silk Lines from Italy

$185 includes shipping in the U.S. - add $15 for Canada

Swift River routinely stocks silk lines in weights from DT2 to DT7 and will special order lines DT1 and DT8 to DT11.

All Terenzio lines from DT 1 to DT7 are 25 meters. Lines weights 8 to 11 are 35 meters and cost $225.

Each line comes in an artistic hand-made box with a pre-looped line, two silk leaders and dressing.


Terenzio Natural Silk Lines



Swift River Red Cedar Osprey - See Wooden Canoe Page for Details



Sale Terms and Conditions

I try to offer rods at fair prices. Those prices depend primarily on what the rod cost to acquire and restore if necessary, and a reasonable market-up, generally below the standard for this business. I am open to fair offers and potential trades for other high-end classic rods and reels. I will do what I can to find an arrangement that works.

Terms of Sale, Inspection and Return Policy - By purchasing a rod from Swift River Fly Fishing you agree to abide by the following terms.

Payment by check or money order is preferred. PayPal is also accepted but it may be necessary to add 3% to the cost of the rod, shipping and insurance to cover added fees.

Rods are described to the best of my ability after careful inspection and research to verify condition, originality and authenticity. However, mistakes do happen and all rods are sold with a two day inspection period.

This inspection period is to verify that the rod is as described on the web site with no significant issues or defects other than those in the description. Any defects noted in the description are taken into account in pricing the rod. If any other substantive problem with the rod is identified within the inspection period a full refund is offered.

The inspection period is a not intended as a trial period to see if the action is suitable or the rod measures up to some subjective standard. If you take a rod out to cast or fish that means you have accepted the rod as in advertised condition and are solely responsible for any damage that occurs.

Attempts to renegotiate the price of a rod after it has been received are not welcome. You can accept the rod in as described condition or indicate any substantive issues not included in the description and ask to return the rod for a refund.

Please examine any rod throughly upon arrival. Rods returned in violation of this policy are subject to a 20% relisting fee. Never ship a rod without first discussing the timing and shipping method. A rod must be returned in the condition in which it was shipped. Be certain to repack the rod correctly and insure it for full value.

There are no refunds for return shipping. If a rod is returned damaged it becomes the buyer's full responsibility. No refund will be issued for a damaged rod. It is the buyer's responsibility to file and collect on any insurance claim. If a rod is damaged during use I am happy to repair it at a reasonable price. All international sales are final due to high shipping costs and added risk of loss or damage. Swift River Fly Fishing is a part time business. It is best to contact me are by email or phone in the evenings, between 6 and 9, or weekends.


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