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Wood and Canvas American Angler Canoe

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Inventory below current as of 9/27/15


Swift River Fly Fishing offers three models of wooden canoes, designed specifically for anglers, with the stability to make them suitable for fly-fishing and water fowling. Wooden canoes have a great tradition, with wood and canvas replacing the birch bark construction of Native American origin in the mid 19th century. Wood and epoxy is more recent and valued for showing the natural elegance of the wood while minimizing weight. Canoes build by either method last a lifetime. Enjoy the beauty of a uniquely American watercraft.

Both the Osprey Square Stern and the American Angler are red cedar and epoxy construction; very light, strong and durable. They are well suited for lakes, ponds and slower rivers. Both models can also be ordered with canvas rather than epoxy finish, suitable for fast rivers and moderate rapids. Boats are generally in stock and can be shipped any where in the continental US for 10% of the boat price. In the Northeast U.S. pick-up is easy. Both models are in stock at Swift River in New Salem, Massachusetts.

The Warden’s Worry canoe is a traditional wood and canvas with marine paint on top and amber shellac on the bottom. The inside is sealed with multiple coats of spar varnish. It can be ordered in a light-weight version, weighing 55 rather than 65 pounds. The standard features on this canoe make it one of the best values in traditional North American canoes. One or two of the Warden’s canoes are kept in stock at Swift River Fly Fishing at all times.

On these web pages you will also find a selection all North American Made products important to canoing and fly-fishing. They include bamboo canoe fly rods, canoe paddles, classic streamers, hand-forged canoe axes, waxed canvas canoe packs, and some other fine accessories such as stag bone handle and crooked knives

The Osprey Square Stern is an elegant and versatile craft that can be paddled, rowed, motored and even sailed when outfitted with leeboards and spritsail. It comes standard with two rowing stations and a square stern that can take up to a 4 HP 4 stroke motor or any size electric motor. It has one full and two half keels for excellent tracking in wind and waves. The standard model comes with two sets of brass oar sockets, two spruce or cherry spoon blade oars with oar leathers and U-shaped oar locks, cherry trim and seats and a removable fan-shaped stern backrest. Half ribs and extended decks are options.$5700 - In Stock



Osprey - Length: 14’2” - Beam: 40” - Weight: 82 lbs. - Capacity: 825 lbs. - $5700 Red Cedar - $6500 Canvas


The American Angler is an equally beautiful watercraft and as stable yet easy to paddle as any canoe on the market. The traditional bow and stern allow the boat to be paddled in either direction depending on the number of paddlers. It comes standard with Mahogany decks, outwhales and thwarts, as well as hand laced rawhide seats, and traditional sculpted carrying yoke for easy portage. It has a full length keel for enhanced tracking. At 58 punds it can be easily managed by a single person and easily portaged. Add a tumpline for greater ease if you anticipate longer carries. $3900 - In Stock


American Angler - Length: 13'8" - Beam: 39" - Weight: 58 lbs. - Capacity: 650 lbs. - $3900 Red Cedar - $4500 Canvas


The Warden’s Worry canoe is designed and built by Maine Guide Dave Mussey. It too is specifically made with fly-fishing in mind, broad of beam and flat bottomed for enhanced stability. Yet it is also designed with graceful entry and sheer lines as well as moderate tumblehome to give it an elegant, traditional look. The two-color canvas with a color of choice on top and amber shellac on the bottom adds to the overall beauty. Other standard features include woven cane seats with ash frames, half ribs, a hand carved portaging yoke and a removable thwart for solo paddling, all features that are generally at additional cost on other canoes. $4200 - Cranberry and Blue models now in stock



Cranberry Warden's Worry With Amber Shellac Bottom (color may be appear true on all monitors)

Length: 14'2" - Beam: 39" - Weight: 65 Ibs. - Depth: 12" - Bow Height: 21.5 " - $4200 with Two Color Canvas





Blue Warden's Worry

Length: 14'2" - Beam: 39" - Weight: 65 Ibs. - Depth: 12" - Bow Height: 21.5 " - $4200 with Two Color Canvas


If you would like to trailer rather than car top your canoe Swift River offers two models of light weight canoe trailers made by Trailerex. They are made of aluminum and are suitable for canoes and other light boats (up to 200 or 350 lbs.) while weighing only 125 or 155 pounds themselves. The SUT-200-S is a single ultra light duty carrier for canoes up to 17 feet that can be shipped directly to you for assembly for $930 plus shipping. Assembly takes about 4 hours and requires simple tools. The SUT-350-S is for boats up to 350 pounds and over 17 feet. It costs $1,110 unassembled plus shipping. I can assemble either trailer for you for an additional $125 but assembled trailers have to be picked up here in New Salem. If you buy both a canoe and a trailer at the same time I will allow a $200 discount for the package.


SUT - 200 - S and SUT - 350 - S


Swift River Special Canoe Rods – Dry Fly & Streamer Models – Both are three-piece, two-tip, eight foot six inch rods, but with quite different characteristics.

The Dry Fly Special Canoe Rod is a 6 weight intended to cast large dry flies with excellent range and accuracy. The taper is similar to the early Leonard 50 1⁄2 with size 16 and 11 ferrules, for a medium dry fly action. The ferrules are oxidized and the grip a 6.5 inch cigar design. Order with either up or down locking reel seat. Wraps are olive green with burgundy trim and intermediates.

The Special Streamer Canoe Rod is based on the famed 7 weight Payne Canadian Canoe rod, with a medium-fast action and the muscle to cast a good sized streamer 90 feet in skilled hands. It has size 17 and 12 oxidized ferrules. The wrap colors are the reverse of the dry fly model, burgundy with olive trim and intermediates. It too has a 6.5 inch cigar grip and up or down locking reel seat. Rods come with brass capped tubes and bags. They are priced at $1395. Rods are often in stock for immediate delivery. Customized order wait time - six to eight weeks.


Badger Canoe Paddles

The right canoe paddle of the right length and design makes all the difference, whether on a short pleasure cruise or a long trip. The right paddle reduces fatigue and increases both comfort and efficiency. Badger Paddles of Huntsville Ontario makes the paddles for Swift River, each one hand crafted and based on a traditional and proven design. Most are built from ash, a few from maple. Specialty woods such as cherry and walnut are available by special order. Each design, while acceptable for most uses, is best suited for specific roles.


Those based on traditional Beaver tail shapes (a wider blade) are best for shorter trips, stronger paddlers and stern use. Otter tail shaped paddles (longer slimmer blades) are better stuited to bow paddlers or any use of several hours per day. Voyaguer style paddles are valued for long wilderness trips and pushing off from rocks or shallows bottoms. Stealth paddles are prized by those who enjoy specialty strokes and moving in close to birds and wildlife or fish in shallow water.


Badger Paddles uses its own specially formulated oil finish, making it easier to refresh the finish whenever needed. The waterproof oil finish gives the wood a beautiful, antique look. Buy two paddles and Swift River will include a free can of Badger Paddle Oil. Otherwise cans are $12.75 each. Varnished paddles can be requested if preferred. All Badger Paddles come with a paddle sock for protection when not in use.


The Badger Tail is based on the beaver tail design with a wide, tapered blade to move more water and serve as a good stern rudder. The original beaver tail design is attributed to the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy and Iroquois. The wide bottom of the blade moves deep water for a fluid stroke. $120

The Badger Tripper employs the classic otter tail shape with a slimmer blade to reduce fatigue. It is a favorite all around paddle, especially for long days on the water. It too was a favorite shape among the Passamaquoddy as well as the Ojibway. $120

The Badger Nomad is a voyaguer style paddle, initially favored among fur traders. It has a longer shaft and a shorter blade especially suited to larger canoes yet meant to go a long distance. It is also great for taller paddlers who must reach farther to paddle efficiently. $135

The Badger Sliver is what many call a stealth paddle but the Badger version is much more than that. It has a long thin blade, great for solo padling in smaller craft, tandem tripping and underwater recovery strokes. $120

All models are in stock as of October 2013, in lengths from 63 to 54 inches. Longer or shorter paddles can be special ordered. I am happy to give advice on proper sizing or intended uses and models. Proper sizing is important. One general rule for sizing is to measure from the floor to your chin for a bow paddle and from the floor to the bridge of your nose for a stern paddle.

Cherry Sliver


Canoe Axes

Jason Lonon - Swift River Canoe Axes - hand forged exclusively for Swift River Fly Fishing - A canoe axe (also called a camp or wildlife axe) is an indispensible tool on short and extended canoe trips. Like belt axes, they are light weight, with short handles and relatively small heads, easily packed or carried for use in cutting firewood, making shelters, and other wilderness camp tasks. $240.


Jason Lonon - Swift River Canoe Axe

Hand Carved 14” Hickory Handle - 1.25 lbs - 3 1⁄2 Cutting Edge - Leather Sheath - Dual Touch Marks - Hand Forged - Limited Edition


Canoe Packs

Frost River Canoe Packs - Swift River stocks rugged waxed canvas canoe packs made in Duluth, Minnesota. They are traditional packs designed for trappers, traders and woodsmen, with superior construction and durability. They are all American made and among the best in the world. The waxed canvas from Fairfield Textiles uses Martexin Original Wax, an authentic American product that has stood the test of time and outfitted American outdoorsmen for generations.The leather straps and reinforcements come from the SB Foot Tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota, founded in 1872. All of the buckles, snaps, slides, and D-rings are solid brass.


The Canoe Thwart Pack hangs from the thwart in front of the paddler. Leather straps attach it to the thwart and twin zipper slides offer access to the main compartment. A leather flapstrap keeps the full length pocket secure and the waxed canvas keeps contents dry. It is a great way to keep rain gear, glasses, maps, a knive, camera, compass and even flies and tippet material handy and off the bottom of the canoe. $84


The Nessmuck Pack is a reproduction of an old Maine guide pack from the turn of the last century. It is a great size for a day’s worth of gear or more if you pack right. It also serves as a second pack on a canoe trip with a long single pocket on one side and shorter twin pockets vertically stacked on the other side. Inside there is a smaller hanging pocket and an envelope pocket at the front of the pack. The Nessmuk has a leather grab handle and is built from 18 oz. waxed cotton canvas. $210


The Signature Canoe Pack is Frost's most popular canoe pack for camping, trekking, hunting or touring. Slightly smaller and more managable than the Old No. #7, it is still a full-featured, box-style waxed canvas pack with strong leather straps, adjustable padded leather back straps, tumpline to help distribute weight, water-resistant waxed canvas, brass buckle closures and leather cinch straps to keep the expandable flap closed. Also has extra handy side pockets. $225


The Old No. 7 Pack is a larger canoe pack often described as the perfect size. This box style pack is great for bulky items on a canoe trip, or hiking cross country with a big load of stuff. Padded backstraps and a tumpline take the pain out of a long portage. The double bottom construction adds confidence that everything will hold together when rocks are abundant or sharp at landing. Three straps hold the top flap down; extended rain flaps from the side gussets each offer a grommet to tie the sides together if necessary. $240



Canoe Knives are named for their shape rather than their function. Small, high-quality pocket knives are a valuable addition to an angler's gear and serve many purposes.This small selection of American (Pennsylvania) made knives by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery and Queen Cutlery are made with genuine stag bone handles and high grade stainless steel blades. Each knife is priced at least $25 below MSRP, making them great values and highly collectible.


The Case Canoe Stag Handle knife is Case's 52131SS pattern. It is 3 5/8" when closed and has stainless steel spear and pen blades. The genuine stag handles are complimented by nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield. $120

The Case Mini Trapper Regal Stag knife is made on the 5207SS pattern. It measures 3 1/2" when closed. It has stainless steel clip and spey blades, genuine stag handles, nickel silver bolsters and inlay stripe. The front stripe is etched XX with scroll design resembling a crown. $124.

The Queen Canoe Knife is also 3 5/8" when closed. It has spear and pen blades made of D2 tool steel and aged honey amber stag bone handles with nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield. $98



Stag Bone Case Canoe, Amber Stag Bone Queen Canoe and Stag Case Mini Trapper