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Hunting, Fishing and Decorative Decoys

Offerings from America's Master Carvers (Decoy Magazine) and Loy Harrell's Sixty Outstanding Decoy Artists

Including Decoys by Bob Booth (VA), Rick Brown (NJ), Byron Bruffee (ME), Doug Field (VT), Anthony Hillman (NJ),

Harry Jobes (MD), Ken Kirby (NJ), Will Kirkpatrick (MA), Mike McCarthy (MA), Charles Moore (IL), Dave Rhodes (NJ), Harry V. Shourds (NJ)

Reggie Birch Merganser - Swift River Private Collection

To Purchase Decoys - email (, or call/text 413-230-1262 to confirm availability, shipping price and request invoice

List current as of November 2019


1) Harry V. Shourds (NJ) Greater Yellowlegs - Harry is a third generation carver in the Barnegat Bay Style. In 1989 he won a National Heritage Award from the National Endowment for the Arts. His grandfather, also named Harry V. is considered the greatest decoy maker in New Jersey history. This preening greater yellowlegs (on left) is a fine example of his craft.

13 inches - $150

2) Rick Brown (NJ) - Red Breasted Merganser - This carver has been producing award winning decoys since 1977. This beautiful bird is in excellent original condition. It is fully rigged with leather loop and polished lead pad for weight.

16.5 inches - $325

3) Ken Kirby (NJ) Shorebird - Half-size short-billed Dowitcher (6.5") (on left) completed in 2007. An excellent example of Kirby's fine work and in excellent original condition.

Darker, Sandpiper is sold.

6.5 inches - $150

4) Mike McCarthy (MA) Sanderling– This 1993 Sanderling decoy is by a highly respected Mattapoisett, MA artist. His decoys have won multiple New England awards and this bird is representative of his fine work. It is nicely mounted a a piece of cedar driftwood.

8.5 inches - $125

5) Byron Bruffee (ME) Brant – This fine bird is from another outstanding decoy maker, featured in Harrell’s 2007 book, and one of the few carvers active in Maine in recent years, who unfortunately passed away in 2013. It is signed but undated and appears to be a recent work with no signs of use. It has a small sap bleed on the back of the head but is otherwise unblemished.

18.5 inches - $195

6) Anthony Hillman Common Merganser - This is a beautiful American or Common Merganser made by this highly regarded artist in 1992. It is one of the three Mergansers found in the U.S. It is in excellent condition with no paint loss. It is signed, stamped and dated by the maker. $225


7) Folger Style Willet (MA) - This large shorebird is highly suggestive of the work of the Folger family of Nantucket, well known 19th century market gunners and decoy carvers. This hunting style decoy is very well made but unsigned, with red glass eyes, black wings and russet colored body with barred feathers.

14 inches - $125

8) G&W Porter (WI) Scaup – This Blue Bill was carved and painted in 2014 by an award-winning father and son team in the style of the 1895 – 1924 Mason factory of Michigan. It is hollow built and the paint given an aged look to simulate an early working bird. Like the Mason decoys, it is flat bottomed and the face and bill carving show nice detail.

14.5 inches - $75

9) Capt. Harry Jobes (MD) Snow Goose – Harry Jobes is the patriarch of a family of carvers from Havre de Grace on the upper Chesapeake Bay. Born in 1936, he has been carving for more than 60 years and worked with the famed R. Madison Mitchell for 25 of those years. His solid body decoys are always of graceful form and very nicely painted.

22 inches - $175

10) Charles Moore (IL) Redhead Pair – This fine pair of new Redhead decoys is from the hand of this highly accomplished maker in the Illinois River style, best known from the work of Charles Perdew. They feature crested heads and arched backs and are very skillfully painted.

13 inches - $250 for Both

12) Dave Rhodes (NJ) Lincoln Style Plover - This 12 inch decoy is in the style of the famed Massachustts carver Joe Lincoln of Accord (Hingham). It is nicely carved and painted by this highly respected octagenarion, and quite true to the original. It is signed and finger-printed as are all of Rhodes' recent pieces.

12 inches - $150

13) Charles Seidel Yellowlegs - An older but excellent Greater Yellowlegs with iron beak, tack eyes and metal stand. Paint in excellent condition with nice patina.

11.5 inches - $175

14) Charles Seidel (VA) Dunlins - Seidel is a highly accomplished carver from the Virginia Beach area who teaches and carves at two area museums. These two well-executed, signed, but undated birds are in excellent condition with no paint loss. The two-bird display measures 15 x 5 inches.

9.5 inches - $175 for Pair

15) Ken Kirby (NJ) Bowman Style Dowitcher - A very nicely carved and painted bird by this accomplished decoy artist. Un-dated and in excellent condition.


10 inches - $175


16) Dave Stangland Trout Decoys

These exceptional, contemporary trout decoys are made in Albion, New York

Those in stock include Rainbow, Brook, Brown, Cutthroat, Red Band, and Golden Trout.

Each fish is approximately 7.5 to 8 inches. $45 per fish.

17) Brook Trout Carving

This nicely carved 3-D Brook Trout model, from Maine or New Hampshire, is 14 x 5 x 2 inches and mounted on a burlap covered board, ready to hang. The drift wood adds nicely to the presentation. The initials HR are carved on a small block of wood and glued to the burlap mat.


18) Paul McNeal "Longnose Gar" Decoy (MN) - An unusual spearing decoy from this Minnesota carver. Very nice original paint, great color. Displays very nicely.

10 inches - $75

19) Sucker Decoy - A nice old primitive sucker spearing decoy.

9 inches - $45

20) Black Bass Decoy - A well-made bass decoy with copper fins.

12 inches - $45

21) Brown Trout Sculpture - A very nice brown trout decoy by Kozak, well-painted, copper fins and tail. The decoy lifts off the stand which is made of driftwood, dried moss, and river rock. A very nice piece for a small niche.

Fish 7 inches - $75

22) Ken Kirby (NJ)Red Knot - A very nicely carved and pinted bird by this accomplished decoy artist. Dated 2013 and in excellent condition.


10 inches - $175

23) Stevens Greater Yellowlegs - A primative style decoy with tack eyes, in excellent original condition. Date unknown.


13 inches - $160

24 ) Charles Siedel (IL) Canvas Back - Seidel is a highly accomplished carver from the Virginia Beach area who teaches and carves at two area museums. $225


Previous Sales

Rick Brown (NJ) Brant – This Brant was hand-carved and painted by the award-winning founder of Barnegat Bay Decoys. Author Loy Harrell lists Brown as one of his outstanding sixty living decoy makers. This elegant bird is hollow carved, exquisitely painted, and equipped with lead pad and leather loop. 18 inches - $225 Sold 4/16
Dave Rhodes (NJ) Greater Yellowlegs - This unique decoy is designed by the widely acclaimed Rhodes to pose in three positions (feeding, running and alert) using holes of different angles drilled in the underside. Rhodes' decoys are on display at several university and museum collections, highly valued for their beauty and authenticity. It is made from white cedar, with wings carved partially in relief, and painted in Rhodes' earthtone acrylics. 12.25 inches - $150 Sold 10/15

Dave Rhodes (NJ) Red Knot – This expressive shorebird is from an octogenarian, top sixty, decoy artist. In 2004, at the age of 71, Dave was voted Carver of the Year by the NJDCA. It is carved from white cedar and beautifully painted in an antique style using a wet-into-wet paint technique; a superb decoy. 10.75 inches - $125 Sold 10/15

Ken Kirby (NJ) Black Belly Plover in winter plumage- Kirby has carved and painted this Plover in the style of the famed Old Town, Maine carver William Bowman. It is very well done and the subtle tones and relief carved wings display nicely. A Bowman Curlew was the first decoy to break the $10,000 barrier, back in 1973. Kirby's recreations of these superb historic decoys are excellent. 12 inches $125 - Sold 9/15


Ken Kirby (NJ) Swimming Merganser – Kirby has been carving for nearly 30 years and in 2014 was voted carver of the year by the NJDCA. This is a rare swimming pose for this red breasted merganser, and like all of Kirby’s work it is well executed. I have two of Kirby’s decoys in my private collection and find his birds to be some of the finest contemporary work. 14 inches - $125 Sold 12/15

Capt. Harry Jobes (MD) Blue Bill (Scaup) - Harry Jobes is the patriarch of a family of carvers from Havre de Grace on the upper Chesapeake Bay. Born in 1936, he has been carving for more than 60 years and worked with the famed R. Madison Mitchell for 25 of those years. It is fully rigged and has some age to it and may have seen some time on the water. 14.5 inches - $150 Sold 6/16

Dave Rhodes (NJ) Minature Virginia Rail - Minature decoys are highly valued, especially by those who have limited display space. This 5 1/2 inch Virgina Rail is a good representation of a full size bird with the kind of accuracy for which Rhodes is well-known. 5.5 inches - $95 Sold 8/16

Ken Kirby (NJ) Woodcock – This beautifully made flying woodcock is by Ken Kirby, who in 2014 was voted carver of the year by the N.J. Decoy Carvers Association. It measures 9 inches from bill tip to tail and 11 inches from wing tip to wing tip. It is extremely well-done. $210 Sold 9/17


Charles Moore (IL) Canvasback – This Illinois River style decoy is carved and painted in the fashion of the great Illinois decoy artist Charles Perdew. Moore has more than forty years carving experience. The paint is original and excellent. It has a vintage, lead-strip ballast, marked Henry Perdew Ill.

14.5 inches- $175 Sold 9/17

Ken Kirby (NJ) Snipe – This little guy is by Ken Kirby who in 2014 was voted carver of the year by the N.J. Decoy Carvers Assoc. It is very well and accurately painted and sits on a turned hardwood pedestal. I have two of Kirby’s decoys in my collection and find his birds to be among the finest contemporary work.

10.75 inches - $125 Sold 7/18

Dave Rhodes (NJ) Lesser Yellowlegs – This expressive and delicate pair of shorebirds are beautifully carved and painted by another top sixty decoy artist. In 2004, at the age of 71, Dave was voted Carver of the Year by the NJDCA. These two 2014 birds are delightful.

9 inches - $180 for Pair Sold 4/18

Large Rainbow Trout - A lovely folk art carving with some minor paint loss.

25 x 10 inches - $125 Sold 9/18

Lou Reineri Yellowlegs

$275 - Sold 2/19

Bob Booth (VA) Blue Bill (Scaup) – This decoy is a reproduction of a beautiful carving by the great Chincoteague decoy artist, Ira Hudson (1837 – 1949). Booth, also from Chincoteague, is a highly accomplished, second-generation carver himself. The shape and colors on this Blue Bill Drake are exceptionally appealing.

13.25 inches - $225 Sold 2/19

Doug Field, VT - Golden Eye

$375 - Sold 11/18


Lou Renier (VA) Ruddy Turnstone and Black Bellied Plover - These two beautiful shorebirds by a master artist from Chincoteague, are both from 2002. I am a great fan of Lou's work and always pleased to find more of his surviving decoys. His work is highly collectible and reasonably priced. Some of his birds are in the best collections in the U.S.

$175 for either or $325 for the pair - Sold 4/19

Ken Kirby Eskimo Curlew

$195 - Sold 8/19

Ken Kirby Yellowlegs

$175 - Sold 8/19

William Kirkpatrick Running Curlew Pair

$275 - Sold 10/19