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Swift River Salient

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Swift River Salient


All Swift River rods are made on heat tempered, medium brown, flamed cane hand split from select culms. The node pattern is spiral unless otherwise noted.

They start with two coats of hand rubbed tung oil before wrapping and are sealed with two final coats of spar urethane.

Each rod model has its own signature wrap and comes complete with rod bag and tube. They are fitted with CSE ferrules and reel seats.

Rod tapers are based primarily on the work of Thomas, Edwards, Payne, and Leonard.

The final tapers result from hours of testing to ensure that each rod will be a fine casting instrument, finished according to high standards.

Modifications to standard features are made on request. Federal excise tax included in price.


Rods ordered in 2016 are priced at $1225 for 2/2 models and $1275 for 3/2 models.

Special Canoe models are priced at $1295


I began restoring bamboo rods in 1992 and in 2000 to build rods on Edwards Bristol blanks, calling them the Heritage Series. Those 18 rods were made from the best of the blanks

found in a fly tackle shop in Connecticut. From 2002 until 2008 I designed and made blanks for all the models listed here except the Special Streamer canoe models.

I continue to use those blanks while they last. I have also built rods on blanks by Bacon, Zietak and Chapman, made to my specifications.

Tim Zietak makes the blanks for the Special Canoe Streamer models.


Currently Available Models


Sprite: 6', 2/2, 2 weight.

This model is similar to an early Thomas & Thomas bush rod taper. It has a cork, dual-ring reel seat and 5.5 inch super fine grip.

The ferrules are oxidized and the wraps muted olive green. The cane is a medium brown with a Payne node pattern.

A great rod for bush-wacking where casting room is limited.


Smidge: 6’4”, 2/2, 4 weight.

Inspired by the Young and Leonard midge rods of the 60s, this rod is a semi-parabolic taper with both accuracy and range.

It has a #11 ferrule and is finished with a dual ring, all cork reel seat, a 5.5 inch half Wells grip, oxidized hardware, and olive green wraps.


Swift: 6’ 8”, 2/2, 3 weight.

A favorite rod for small streams and pocket water, designed for close-in fishing, roll casting and precise casting within fifteen to forty-five feet.

It is based on an F.E. Thomas taper known as perhaps the finest casting three weight ever.

The reel seat is a cap and ring with cedar spacer. The silk wraps are antique gold with cinnamon trim.

It has a gracefully swelled butt, hexagonal winding check, agate stripping guide, # 10 ferrule and reverse twist snake guides.


Sienna: 7’, 2/2, 3 weight.

A spring creek rod designed for delicate presentations in the F.E. Thomas Browntone tradition.

The hardware is oxidized, the reel seat spacer from a redwood burl, and the silk wraps are sienna brown.

The rod has a delicate dry fly action while the gracefully swelled butt gives it some reserve power.

It has a # 10 ferrule, a 9 mm agate stripping guide, and bronzed reverse twist snake guides.

It is a rod with a real sense of finesse that makes casting a pleasure.


Salient: 7’6”, 2/2, 4 weight.

Inspired by the Leonard Hunt rods, the Salient a signature taper for Swift River.

It is a rod with subtlety, sensitivity and reserve power. The medium action is designed for all around use.

It has an oxidized slide-band reel seat with butternut or maple spacer, fish tail grip, translucent olive wraps with wine trim.

Leonard style ferrules and 3/3 node pattern pay homage to its origins.


Sierra: 7'6", 3/2, 4 weight.

This model, like the larger Sojourn, is based on a graceful and responsive E.W. Edwards taper with good reserve power.

It is finished with translucent olive green silk wraps with burgundy tipping and oxidized CSE Super Swiss ferrules.

It has a reversed half Wells grip, cap and ring reel seat with cedar or butternnut spacer, an agate stripping guide and size 15 and 9 ferrules.


Sojourn: 8’, 3/2, 4/5 weight.

An eight-foot, five-weight has long been considered the best all-around trout rod.

It is based on a taper by E.W. Edwards to emphasize casting ease, distance and accuracy.

It has that graceful point and shoot feel by which good cane rods win converts.

It is finished with brown silk wraps and gold trim, oxidized nickel silver ferrules and an up-locking reel seat with cedar spacer.


Special: 8'6", 3/2, 5, 6 or 7 weight

The Specials are canoe rods - one a dry fly model and the other a streamer model.

The Dry Fly Model is similar to a Leonard 50 1/2 with size 16 and 10 oxidized ferrules for either a 5 or 6 weight line

It has oxidixed Leonard style ferrules, a 6.5 inch cigar grip, an up-locking reel seat and olive wraps with burgundy tipping and full intermediates

The Streamer Model is based on the famed 7 weight Payne Canadian Canoe rod with size 17 and 12 ferrules

It has oxidized Payne style ferrules, an uplocking reel seat, and burgundy wraps with olvie trim and full intermediates.


Sentinel: 8'6", 3/2, 5 weight.

This rod is designed as an all around rod for larger waters as well as for nymphing and wet fly fishing when better reach and line control are important.

It is based an a E.W. Edwards taper with a classic medium action and has a moderately swelled butt hidden inside the grip.

It is finished with bright nickel-silver CSE ferrules, an up-locking reel seat, a reversed half Wells coke-bottle grip and gold translucent wraps with olive trim.


6'8" Swift Model from 2008